Permanent cosmetics last a long time, but not forever. As you become accustomed to your new makeup it's not uncommon to want more definition or more color. You will want to freshen up your look every couple of years. The darker the original color, the longer it will remain unchanged. Lighter, natural, delicate colors are often times more vulnerable to the effects of sun and chlorine, and breakdown by the body's natural responses over time.

I like the natural look. Can permanent makeup be done so I look great without looking overdone?

Absolutely! The most requested style of makeup is enhancement of the natural facial features. The objective of these procedures is to raise self esteem, self-confidence, and allow for a more active lifestyle. The natural look also allows you to apply normal cosmetics over your permanent makeup for color variety or for a more dramatic look if desired.



How long does a procedure take?

Usually, each procedure appointment is one to two hours. The majority of the time is spent in selecting the appropriate color for your skin, and in measuring and artistically drawing on the planned procedure prior to actually implanting the color. Adequate time is allowed for topical anesthetic to make you completely comfortable. You will also be given thorough aftercare instructions for optimum healing and outcome.

Is the procedure safe?

Unlike many technicians that sterilize and re-use needles and casings, Permanent Makeup by Susan uses all pre-packaged, sterile, and disposable, needles and needle casings. Any parts that actually touch the client, along with the medical grade needles that penetrate the skin are all pre-sterilized from the manufacturer. This ensures that you will receive the safest, most sterile form of cosmetic tattooing available. In addition, all of your procedures are done under Federal OSHA standards that regulate the sterile, safe, and healthy practices for prevention of cross-contamination from person to person.



How will I look immediately after the procedure?

You may experience minor swelling and redness on procedure day. You may resume normal activities immediately except that you will be advised to wear no makeup directly on the treated area for about one week. The amount of redness, healing, and peeling that occurs during the first week is dependent upon on the procedure that is done.

I am nervous about it BEING permanent. How can I know what to expect before I have it done?

Makeup pencils are used in advance for your approval. I am always cautious to keep on the side of light and natural, for more color can always be added later during your follow-up visit.