Add shape and hair strokes to a sparse brow for a more natural look or shade color for full definition.

Price: $425


Define natural lip line, correct asymmetry and faded lip borders.

Price: $425

LIP LINER WITH color blend

More defined, fuller lips with color fill.

Price: $550


If your desire is more definition and more color

Price: $750


Natural, realistic option for creating realist 3D areolas

Price: Much lower than competitors, call for pricing


Soft color in lashes for a natural looking enhancement or a thick, more dramatic liner look.

Top Eyeliner: $250

Bottom Eyeliner: $250

Price: $450

Color/Design Work, Correction Work

Correction work is one of my specialties! All corrections and design work are priced by evaluation, and a consultation is necessary.

Price: Custom, based on desired look


Color boost on procedures originally done by Susan...
1 to 2 years: $100
3 to 5 years: $175
6+ years: Full price of original procedure
 Touch up not included with color refresh.
Color refresh for correction on another professionals work will be full price. When I correct someone else's work it is usually with color and shape.



 Additional Services Include

  • Color / Design Work

  • Corrective Work

  • Scar Repigmentation

   Commitment to Quality

The commitment to quality permanent makeup designs are unsurpassed. I strive to meet and exceed the clients expectations. ALL PROCEDURE FEES INCLUDE A COMPLIMENTARY PERFECTION VISIT FOR UP TO FOUR MONTHS FOLLOWING THE INITIAL TREATMENT.

If, after the completion on both visits, there is anything about the agreed upon design that is not to my clients’ satisfaction, an additional appointment will be arranged for more perfecting within the four month period from the time of the initial procedure….NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Consultations are complimentary.
Contact Susan today!